3 W Nile St, Glasgow, , G1 2PR
Food 4/5    
Service 3/5    
Setting 4/5
Value 3/5    
Glasgow was busy for a Sunday, due to the Great Scottish Run with many restaurants having ques out the door. BiBimBap a boutique sized Korean eatery had an urban flavour which made for a more energized vibe. Décor: a funky Korean vibe with multi-coloured umbrellas covering the ceiling. We shared a bottle of “Soju” – Koreas national drink, this is a spirit which can come in different flavours. Following notes from the menu, we replicated the “ritual” for drinking the Soju where the oldest person pours a shot which the other accepts with two hands.

🙋🏻‍♂️Korean Fried Chicken appeared to be the most popular dish as people at other tables seemed to be trying this – Fried Chicken on another level with a crispy, crunchy batter & a Yum Yum sauce. Sweet and Spicy 🌶 – perfect and a world apart from the KFC variety. Main: “Kimchi bokk-eumbab” – a pork fried rice dish topped with egg 🍳 – a great choice with salted & fermented vegetables, tender meat with lovely rice. Cocktails: Seoul Reviver- fresh, citrusy and oriental. My fave cocktail was my second though a Soju Sour – this is a MUST try. Service was polite, efficient but lacked a personal touch. Dishes were served in a slightly rushed manner, placed randomly on the table with the server saying the names of the dishes inaudibly – there were 3 different servers during our meal. We were waiting a while at the end of our meal to pay the bill and the bill was brought twice before we finally got the card machine.

🙍🏻‍♀️Tteok-Bokki – fried rice cake, fried fish cake with a sweet & spicy sauce. Not too impressed with this dish, the texture was odd and limp. The sauce was the best bit – but a bit non-descript. Main: “Bi Bim Bap” – a Hot Stone pot with rice, beef and mixed veg topped with a fried Tasty beef and also a little seaweed – a colourful and flavoursome dish brought together nicely with a nice fried egg. The drink was a nice touch to accompany the meal. We will defo be back! Just a bit more of a personal touch with service would be nice.