Bar Soba


79 Albion St, Glasgow, , G1 1NY
Food 3/5    
Service 4/5    
Setting 3/5
Value 4/5    
Located at the heart of the Merchant City lies Bar Soba. A funky, Thai Street food establishment that serves up an interesting array of small plates and authentic dishes from the land of a thousand smiles. THAT is exactly what I am met with when I arrive for a spot of lunch – A smiling girl at the front desk says I can sit anywhere I like. Today I have the day off work and have left the house without my glasses, so I sit at the one table that’s not been wiped down (typical of me), even so, the server is quick to apologise about the table.
Instantly the table is fixed and she offers me a drink – as I am by myself I just have a coke. Having previously been to the restaurant, I can vouch for the seriously amazing cocktail menu. For Starters, I order two Small Plates, Chicken Gyoza Dumplings (Fried), which are also good steamed also but I love the crunch (served with a great hoisin duck sauce and a spring onion dressing). The texture of the crunch and the sweet-salty sauce combining with the spring onion is like a firework and I couldn’t rate it enough. For my second small plate I have the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls (yes that’s right lol) – they come “Chef Recommended” on the Menu, and I always like to try new things, so I choose that. It was interesting- not terrible but it didn’t blow me away (the cheese was a bit plastic-like, and not Thai tasting). For my main, I choose Shredded Beef Noodles, Wok Fried egg noodles with Seared Steak and Asian vegetables in a sticky, spicy Szechuan Glaze. This I would say is certainly recommended and the beef was fairly tender with a nice combination of chilli, courgettes, and herbs.

Overall Verdict: I think this place does the job when it comes to Thai Street Food. For the price, the friendly service and dishes they offer are I would happily return for a casual occasion, and at the weekend most certainly for drinks at their contemporary bar 👍🏻 @barsobamerchant#food#glasgow#mystery#diners#thai#barsoba#reviews#foodie