Romeo & Juliet Venue Opening in Glasgow

1 year ago Mystery Diners Admin 9th December 2022

A new Italian Restaurant, "Romeo & Juliet", is due to open in Glasgow. It's set to be a wonderfully romantic new date night venue, and the restaurant will be like a love letter to Shakespeare's Classic love story. The owners have decided to celebrate Valentine's Day every week. There will be beautiful decor including a "Letters to Juliet" wall. Sounds well romantic! We cannot wait for this restaurant to open, we feel this will really bring something unique to the Glasgow hospitality scene. We also love Romeo & Juliet and Italian food so it's a win-win!! We will make a point to review it for you lovely lot! We honestly think this place will be the next big thing in Glasgow! Romeo & Juliet opens on the 10th of December so be on the lookout and book a table!

This new romantic venue will be located at:
5 Clarkston Road, Cathcart, Glasgow G44 4EF