Bar & Tender: Where Gastronomy and Mixology Come Alive

8 months ago Mystery Diners Admin 16th September 2023

In the heart of Glasgow, a new chapter in dining and mixology is being written by the team that brought you the acclaimed Mini Grill and Meat Joint. The much-anticipated venue, Bar & Tender, opens its doors to a world where the quirky meets the elegant, offering an unbeatable combination of fine foods, inventive cocktails, and top-notch service.

A Haven of Tranquility with a Splash of Excitement

Picture a relaxed haven where the weird meets the wonderful, a place designed for the curious and the sophisticated palate. Bar & Tender offers guests an experience where they can unwind and explore an exciting array of fine foods and beverages, either separately or in delightful combinations.
From booze-soaked bar snacks to a bartender-friendly cocktail menu, Bar & Tender promises to cater to everyone. Whether you're in for a quick martini paired with breaded olives or planning to indulge in a three-course meal featuring the market's best steaks and seafood, there's something for every occasion.

Meet the Maestro: Kieran McAvoy

The man steering the ship at Bar & Tender is the remarkable Kieran McAvoy, whose journey from a young bartender in a "greasy spoon" establishment to a connoisseur of fine drinks is nothing short of inspiring.

Kieran's passion for mixology took him from learning through age-old tomes like "Death & Co" and "Imbibe," to honing his skills under the sunny skies of Spain. There, he embraced new techniques and discovered unique ingredients, fueling his desire to bring something fresh to the Glasgow bar scene.
On returning to Glasgow, Kieran joined the prestigious team at Dakota Deluxe, Glasgow's number one hotel at the time, where he immersed himself in learning the finer points of service and even delving into the world of cigars.

Birth of a Dream with a Splash of Friendship

It was during his tenure at Dakota Deluxe that Kieran forged a close bond with Ryan and Brett, the brains behind Mini Grill and Meat Joint. Through a friendship nourished with shared resources, borrowed stock, and, of course, a few shared beverages, the foundation for Bar & Tender was laid. A perfect marriage of Ryan and Brett's success in the restaurant business and Kieran's fascination with the weird and wonderful world of drinks, the idea blossomed into a venture that celebrates the best of both worlds.

A Future Paved with Innovation and Education

Looking forward, Bar & Tender aims to be more than just a dining destination. The venue will host themed tasting evenings every month, offering a platform for chefs and bartenders to showcase their creativity and share unheard-of flavors and dishes with the public.

A platform for education and innovation, these events are designed to take guests on a gastronomic journey, unveiling new, unprecedented culinary landscapes, and presenting a perfect venue for gastronomy enthusiasts to widen their horizons.
As Bar & Tender embarks on its journey, it invites the people of Glasgow and beyond to be part of a narrative where every visit is more than just a meal; it's an experience, a story, a celebration of the fantastic and the fabulous.

So step into the world of Bar & Tender, where every day brings something new, something exciting, something wonderfully weird yet warmly familiar. It's not just the present; it's a vibrant, tantalizing taste of what's yet to come.

Find this venue at: 48 Woodlands Rd, Glasgow G3 6UR.